Jayne’s future aspirations are to perform SignSong all around the world, she would love to see her SignSongs on the music channels (The Box, MTV etc) but rather than as an interpreter at the bottom right corner of the screen, she would like her music video on the actual big screen like other music videos.
She started signing to the lyrics of the songs at age 9. Jayne felt it started a flame in her heart that turned into a blazing fire that has burnt through out her life filling her with passion for SignSong!
Jayne started her SignSong career at the tender age of 14 in a group called 
‘A Different Beat’, which was a group of 7 Deaf young people performing SignSong all over the UK. When the group split up, Jayne performed with a friend for a while and then went solo, calling herself ‘Fletch@’.
When Jayne was 16 she performed on stage with Ronan Keating from Boyzone at the Wembley Arena, London to sign ‘When You Say Nothing At All’. Ronan Keating is Jayne's personal pop idol, and so when she was picked to sign Ronan's songs at one of his concerts, it was a dream come true.
Born Jayne Elizabeth Fletcher on the 30th November 1983 in Wolverhampton, England. Jayne was born 3 months premature; Profoundly Deaf, with the doctors giving her only a small chance of survival.
28 years later this is her story…
Her life time ambition is perform alongside well-known artists giving Deaf people access to their music, and to teach the artists to sign their own songs themselves.   Jayne’s aim is to give Deaf people access to music, inspire hearing people to learn sign language and to raise Deaf awareness and prove 
’Deaf people CAN do anything except hear’.

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Today, Jayne is currently recognised as one of the UK’s leading SignSong performers, touring internationally, and her work featuring in many television and magazine articles.
Introducing Fletch@