Fletch@ is a International Deaf SignSong Performer (In other words - A Deaf Popstar!). 
She work by translating the lyrics of a well known song and perform it in sign language, therefore giving Deaf people access to music, and hearing people access to a familiar song, but in a visual way.
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Fletch@ is Ambassador for

Princes Trust (2013-2014)
Walsall Deaf Children’s Society
Include Me TOO

Sign Song Performer

Twitter: FletchSignSong

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Interview by The Limping Chicken - Posted on July 3, 2014
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Sign2Sing - Joining Hands Today

We are raising awareness of the importance of making sign language accessible to everyone, so with the help of some VERY talented friends from the stage and screen, we did this! Please share it on your walls. Massive thanks to the talents of Vikki Michelle ('Allo 'Allo), Wendi Peters (Coronation Street), Colleen Daley (Voice of 'Fizz' from 'The Tweenies') Peter Howarth (The The Hollies frontman), Steven Wright, Cassidy CJ Janson, Sabrina Carter, The Rockabellas, Chris Clarkson, Tom Gearing, Lizzie Deane, Sarah Lindsey, Pippa, Jayne Fletcher, Andy Gammon, James Hawkins Linda Petrons, Darren House Photography, the whole team at Assault & Battery Studios London and of course the whole Sign2Sing and SignHealth Charity team for asking us to write the song in the first place!

Keith Duffy
Matt Cardle
(The X-Factor Winner)
Kym Marsh
(Coronation Street - Michelle)
Wendi Peters
(Coronation Street - Cilla)
Vicki Michelle
(‘Allo ‘Allo)

Eamonn Holmes
(This Morning)
Kelly Hoppen
(BBC2 Dragon’s Den)
Nina Nannar
(British Asian Journalist, BBC News)
Brian Travers
Barbara Nice
(Actor, Comedian)